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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  February 10, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

12:00 pm ler now. places up north really got hit with live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. we are getting relief from the rain at least for now. places up north really got hit with the super soaker of a storm and while it is not enough it is helping. >> and whiteout conditions in the sierra means two things and
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some ski resorts are not happy with one of them, he everyone and good afternoon, i am frank mallicoat. >> and i am michelle griego. we will have more on that but first the plane had to make an emergency landing and the airline said there was never any serious danger to the passengers aboard. >> out of an abundance of precaution it is best to return to the closest airport to have that checked out. >> the plane taxied back there under its own power and the passengers were switched to another flight. and back here as you look out our roof cam you can see
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the tops of the buildings but a lot of clouds out there, lawrence has more from the weather center. >> yeah, that storm rolling through the bay area, very impressive but now is starting to clear out of here, still a lot of lingering clouds outside but what a difference it made over the weekend with all the rain, yeah, check that out, 8.65 per, check out the airport, and you heard further north almost two inches there and look at the north bay, almost 12 inches of rain in st. helena and 8 inches there and almost 5 in petaluma. when will we get more rain? we hope not too soon. i will tell you about that when
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we come back. >> all right, well, they did have a loss for skiers and snowboarders and we have this report. >> reporter: overnight they got snow here at lake tahoe and overnight thousands came flocking here after they heard it was coming but it came rain rain and a little disappointment but it is what california needs to get back on track. locked and ready but nowhere to go, the blanket was a tease for skiers and snow pouredders. >> everything is closed so can't open so not good. >> that closed down shifts and shut down runs and rain at the bottom soaked them. >> it is kind of frustrating because you are like soaked and that is bad. >> but their bad news is
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actually great news for the sierra. >> they need the snow and rain so that is what we need. >> the sierra supplies their water and has fallen short so the locals here are happy to see it. >> i love it, i am doing that and i will ski there. >> the good news it should be dry and less cold so happier skiers. cate cauguiran, kpix 5. >> well, here they got less than an inch of rain in places and several reservoirs remain below capacity. well, they are checking out
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the bridge there and that could mean corrosion and significantly shorter life span. they are looking at it and we will have more details coming up on kpix news at 5:00. they are having a ceremony there on the willy brown bridge and they will be there with the naacp covering the cost. >> a 911 tip turned into an 11 hour stand off. it started last night and ended this morning. police arrived to the san jose home to arrest a man and he refused to leave. kiet do on the outcome of the barricade. >> reporter: it has been a long night and morning for the people that live here. this all began at 6:00
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yesterday evening when a man wanted on a felony warrant showed up at a house, police believe he either knew the people who lived there or used to live there himself. police got and anonymous phone call and that is when he arrived, he jumped into the crawlspace and told the swat team he got stuck. they didn't believe him and after a few hours they talked him out of there. here is the witness. >> we are all comfortable here with jackets, i can't believe he was comfortable in that crawlspace. >> i can't either, we don't know what he was there for. >> it is not clear what he was wanted for on those felony war
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rants and police arrested him. >> a robbery suspect was killed there and officers found a man dead and it is not clear how much more are at large. >> a player could make history, he announced he is gay, michael sam came out and if he makes an nfl roster he would be the first actively player to be openly gay. >> i am not afraid of who i am. i am not afraid to tell the world who i am. >> sam said she told his teammates last august and they were very supportive, the nfl issued a statement saying they support his honesty and look forward to welcoming him and
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michelle obama called his actions a inspiration to us all. >> let's look at the winter olympics and a quick reminder before we get to those results a lot of those competitions will not be aired until tonight so if you want to wait for the primetime telecast plugs your ears. here we go, julia mancuso won, and in hockey the the usa smashed switzerland and they have 4 models, two gold and two bronze. and it is anything but cold there, it made athletes sweat. it forced them to delay events and cancel others and they say
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people didn't know that. >> people don't understand how they can do that in the weather. >> coming up temperatures there are supposed to be in the 50s and 60s all week. >> all right, coming up now there is actually a chain way to help you attain your weight loss goals quicker. >> lost for a year and now back in civilization, they didn't believe it but what the real life castaway is revealing on his way home. >> they are flowing and we are here with all the new watery details as news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,
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among the surprises caused the weekend storm. except t waterfalls are rushing two away from a home in mill va. the homeowner says he was a nervous... when they mov the fresh water falls are among the surprises caused by the weekend storm except these water falls are rushing two
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feet from way from the home in mill valley, the homeowner said he was a bit nervous when he moved in last year because he didn't know how close they could get and fortunately the rain let up and the water went down. >> and she joins us where people are happy about the flooding and the rain too, right? >> absolutely, and before begin the weather report i want you to listen to this. okay. can you hear it? oh, yeah, that is the sound of water flowing here in the bay area and we have not heard that anytime this winter season. good afternoon, everybody, currently 77 degrees right here at the creek in the north bay where over the past 3 days this area has been smacked with 5 full inches of rain. it was a delunch so i walked
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and and talked to some of the locals and asked them what they think of it and this is what a couple of locals had to say. >> i think we really needed it. >> i think we had a flood in 2005. >> uh-huh. >> and you can't see on the door it was up 4 feet and that high so there is a history here but i don't think it is going to be this winter. >> the river or rather the creek is still l flowing from the north to the south taking the abundance of water with it back out to the san francisco bay and i got to tell you a lot of local residents were telling me they just love the sound of the flowing creek but thatnd what they would love to hear more of is some rain drops on the rooftops so if you want to know when the next rain is coming all you got to do is listen to lawrence or our
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report there. reporting from here, roberta gonzalez, kpix 5. >> all right, roberta, thank you very much. we have had some rain but now we are catching a break and they are dry there and it is still moving out. check out the totals, over 13, almost 14 of inches of rain there, fill fellton almost 10 inches and santa rosa almost 8 and look at the entire affect over 100 inches that is amazing. all right, we will see partial clearing and with that fog might develop and still clouds but i think the rain is staying north, lots of clouds but most of the stormy weather is over
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now and that will wind down in the mountains, look at this, they try to break up a little bit and early on we may see fog early on tomorrow so that may be a concern early on. plan on low 50s in there and 60s in half moon bay and instead the bay 63 in oakland, 59 in san francisco and 61 in petaluma, sunrise 7:05, sunset for tonight is at 5:43 and looking out over the next couple of days partly cloudy skies and we should stay dry and chances for development saturday and sunday but that is not a huge chance right now. >> all right, thanks. >> well georgia's governor is not taking any chances a state of emergency has been declared
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ahead of time, something he didn't do last time when people were stranded on the highways and he thinks they will help. >> everybody knows a cheeseburger can be a killer to your death and a new study shows it demands on when you weigh, a new study shows that people weigh the most on fridays and weigh the least on the weekends and the study shows you can make it up for it then. >> we are having a kitchen and they are making cale. >> with love cale and also love simple salad. >> yeah and we love a simple salad and this combines both, which is great. >> yeah, we may have the cale in here, super food, not
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cooked. right? >> no, not cooked completely raw. >> okay. >> now we will add in cayenne. >> all right. >> and peppers. >> beautiful. >> and can i add sweet onions to it. >> sweet onions are perfect. >> okay. >> now all these are creamy because of that. >> okay. >> now just keep whisking it until it is creamy. >> i am going to add a touch of salt and pepper and always season salad. >> always season salad. >> and i am going to put this right on top and egg right on top. look at this, isn't this beautiful? >> that's right, breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> any time it is great. thank you bela, time to eat. >> kids cannot learn if they are living in constant fear, next we will meet one student transformed by foster care, earning an associates degree while still in high school.
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>> and if you have questions we have consultants there at that number to help you. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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i have found a bay area pioneer helping people get that better life. yes. >> doctor, tell me about a
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limited smile and what you are doing to help people. the scars... wendy tokuda tells us a rese story... about an un and child who -- who has been abused or been around abus is going to need some kind of help to deal with the scars. >> wendy tokuda tells us but a
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rescue story about an uncle and aunt who stepped in to save little boy and helped him grow would an extraordinary student with that. >> living with an aunt and an uncle here is exactly what he needed. >> they have given me what i need most. >> tommy was a little boy who was withdrawn then. it is a completely different little tommy now, an honors student who will get john societies degree in math and science at the same time he graduates from high school. his relatives could not get an education in laos during the viet nam war or the refugee camp in thailand but for tommy it was not just a privilege of
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the it was a safe place to get away from the fighting of her mother and boyfriend. >> in the 8th grade i would not want to go home and find every reason to stay at school. >> i remember when we tried to talk to him about his mom, once he said my mom and that is it, he just started crying. >> after his dad left his mom in poverty there was the boyfriend, the drugs and fear, it kept building and one day when he was 12 he saw it with his own eyes. >> i remember his hands were on her threat and he threatened to kill her if she ever called police. >> tommy's uncle stepped in and the boyfriend was arrested but for drug trafficking not domestic violence. >> seeing somebody get hurt and you can't do nothing about it, i guess that is what hurts the most. >> there could not have been a
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more appropriate set of parents for him, he watched his own like that and she grew up like that. >> no one should grow up in fear. >> being in a foster home why never heard the word love, no one ever says that. >> now it is changing. >> ever night they say good night tommy and we love you. >> every night we talked and it was one-on-one and we talked. >> now tommy can go to college. >> with education i can do anything i want and i truly believe that. >> we would be so proud if he goes to college. >> he wants to be a doctor.
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oh did we tell you he is student body president? wendy tokuda, kpix 5. [ man ] i don't know if this is gonna be a first or second, but this is gonna be a medal! [ man #2 ] and it looks like we could have another one of those photos! [ female announcer ] every minute. every medal. every screen. the nbc sports live extra app gives you unprecedented access to every moment of nbc universal's coverage of the sochi olympics, now on your tv. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity.
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wrong shoe store to mess wi. story of survival may be tr. people on the marshall islas first came across jose alvaa on january 30th. officials say they have no reason to t he was drift credible story, some new details about a man floating at sea and his story may be true. >> people living on the island first came across him on january 30th, officials say they have no reason to doubt he
12:27 pm
was drifting across the ocean for months justing that to communicate and he had a parade and pictures and is returning home and i guess he survived on turtles and -- >> -- drank his own urine to survive and i guess he had a friend that didn't survive and -- >> -- 13 months out on the on water. >> -- but apparently it is true. >> he is a alive. >> there you go, thank you everybody for watching the kpix 5 news at noon. >> we will see you at 5:00. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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